Step Into The Frame

Interaction Design, Installation Design, Illustration

An interaction within space and people.

Step Into The Frame is an interactive installation specially designed for the exhibition “Future is Now”, showcased in Taipei, Taiwan 2019. The installation is consists of a series of 3 illustrations, hanged in a corner in the exhibition hall, using the effect of dislocation to allow visitors to create interesting photos with it.

To see more information about the exhibition and the interior design, please see MisoSoup Design.



 In collaboration with MisoSoup Design


Esther Jan

My role

Designer and illustrator in the project.

Create mockups and designs for the final product.


Taipei, Taiwan






Step Into The Frame is an interactive installation designed for the exhibition "Future is Now" in Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of the exhibition is to explore new possibilities of Circular Economy lifestyles. Located in an eighty years old historical site in the heart of Taipei City, the exhibition is opened to the general public, welcoming visitors to come and understand more about Circular Economy concepts, and to create a more sustainable environment.

The Design

Since the exhibition site is in a historical building, in order not to damage the building with historical value, we have made many considerations in selecting materials and installation methods.


As an installation in the exhibition that allows visitors to take pictures, the angles were specially chosen to best shows the thoughtful design of the interior space.


The design of the installation needs to use the misalignment in space to achieve the effect of the combination of virtual and reality, on the other hand,  in consideration of public safety, we have made many adjustments at the height of the painting.


We made many adjustments to the choice of illustration theme. In order to meet the interest of the visitors and echo the theme of the exhibition, we finally decided to respond to the theme of the interior design. I have drawn a total of three illustrations, using plenty of green plants, comfortable furniture to create a cozy feeling, in response to the idea of how this exhibition can become a "Living Lab" where everyone can come and explore.


In The Making

In order to achieve the best photo effect, the three illustrations were specially printed on transparent films, and after many on-site experiments and iterations, it was decided to be manually pasted with white film to achieve the best results.

Final Outcome


See video below to find out more about the assembly and construction of the interior space.

The photos and video during construction were taken and created by MisoSoup Design. All rights reserved to REnato Lab.


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