Lightscape Pavilion

Architecture Design, Sustainable Installation

Lightscape Pavilion is one of the 25 installations chosen among an international entry and was presented in the 2016 iLight Festival at Marina Bay, Singapore. iLight Marina Bay is Asia's leading sustainable light art festival held annually in April, which features arts and installations incorporating the use of energy-efficient lighting technologies and recyclable materials.


Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, Lightscape Pavilion combines CNC fabrication with local materials in the form of a lightweight, luminous pavilion. You can learn more about the design of Lightscape Pavilion in Marina Bay here.



Daisuke Nagatomo, Minnie Jan, Esther Jan, Ethen Chiang, Wendy Chan

My role

Design and fabrication small figures, and on-site construction in a team of three.



The Process

In The Factory

In order to complete the project before the opening of iLight Festival, all of the materials were CNC cut and hand crafted in the by us in Taipei, before they were shipped to Singapore.

The Figures

Figures decorating the bamboo columns were made with acrylic boards and cut with laser cutter. I created these figures with themes under four categories, and assigned each column with figures in the same category.

The themes includes:

+ City Landmarks: Singapore, Taipei, Japan

+ Animals: sheets, elephants, lions, dinosaurs

+ Movie Characters: Star Wars, Godzilla

+ City Activities: People running marathon

The Construction

Working under the scorching sun in Singapore was the hardest. Meanwhile, the mercurial direction of sea wind around Marina Bay had brought to us troubles when setting up the foundation of the installation. In the end, our construction took five days to complete. You can find out more about the assembly in the video below.


The photos and video during construction are taken and created by Daisuke Nagatomo, all rights reserved to Miso Soup Design.

The Completion

During the opening night, I was deeply moved by how the visitors' moods were illuminated as soon as the tiny figures I created, and the structure we built were lit up. People stopped and stared at each of them. Children halt and stared as they saw recognizable figures. 

Seeing a design finally being realized after all the hard works and struggles was an extraordinary experience for me. I felt extremely grateful to have the chance to partake in this project.


You can also find the official video taken during the exhibition at iLight Festival here, on Miso Soup Design's Official Vimeo. 

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