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4 weeks

Sayfty is an organization in India, dedicated to creating a safer environment for women by educating and speaking up against gender violence.


This is a 5-week class project assigned from the Product Design Studio at UC Berkeley. Our team joined the project as designers to help Sayfty transform their existing 70+ pages PDF version of survivor's toolkit into an interactive website. The objective is to create a searchable, interactive web-based survivor toolkit in which survivors from sexual assault/harassment and their supporters can easily access the information and resources they need.


From concept to final Hi-Fi prototype, I was part of the design team that worked from the initial researching, developing storyboards and identifying the target users, wireframing, visual design, as well as presenting design ideas to clients.


Since this work is covered by an NDA, I can't share publicly until it is released.


UI/UX Designer

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We worked as a group to design the basic design brief and onboarding flow for the website. Then we deconstructed the problem into four sections as we work individually on each section.


Aside from the teamwork, I was mainly responsible to design the section for "Urgent Support" where users can easily access information when they are in emergency need. To solve the problem, I designed a floating action button (FAB) that allows fast access to basic information such as helplines, shelter, medical support and filing report.

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Working with fellow designers.

I was usually the only designer in my previous experiences as a product designer. But for this project, I had the opportunity to cooperate with four other designers. Although we all join the project with different perspectives or standing points, through conducting frequent discussions and brainstorming sessions, we were able to maintain the design progress with the set schedule. 


I learned that it's best to put an individual's past experiences aside and be open-minded to design solutions because open discussions can be the best fuel for great ideas.

Design for and with vulnerable people.

One of the biggest challenges our team was faced within this project is that the target users of the product are survivors from sexual violence. Although we tried our best to aim our design solutions as inclusive as possible, it's still hard to be fully empathetic with the mental reactions they might have.


By studying the information provided by the client, and related articles we found online, as a result, we analyzed three types of potential users, and have frequent discussions with the client to come up with a user onboarding flow for the users.

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