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Produced by the 1987 team, a team consisted of young cultural workers at the average age of 25, "Conspiracy" is a movie released in Taiwan in 2014, telling a story that isn't so common from the usual campus dramas. Interspersing play scenarios with the film's narrative, Conspiracy depicts with verve how lies and obsession spiral out of control into persecution and violence. The official movie trailer can be found here.


1987 Production Team

My role

Graphic Designer responsible of designing the logotype of the movie.



Stills from the movie with the logotype on.

I was asked to design a logotype for the movie "Conspiracy", with its story filled with contradictory emotions such as suspicions, accusations, and obsessions towards others, I tried to let the shapes of the Chinese characters convey such feelings in its appearance.

Variations of the logotype in the early stage.

In order to match the proportion of the movie screen, the horizontal typesetting of the logotype was used in the final version of the movie.

Examples of how the logotype was used on movie stills.

The final look of the logotype on the movie poster.

To enhance the theme of the movie onto all of the graphic works, I also designed a set of types for the names of the main characters.

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